Occupational Medicine, Medical Physicals in Stafford, Virginia

Keep yourself, your family, and your employees healthy with Optimum Care in Stafford, Virginia , and our convenient options including lab services, occupational medicine, and medical physicals.

Occupational Medicine

Our clinic recognizes the importance of keeping your employees healthy, whether it is for a pre-employment physical or evaluation after an injury. That’s why our staff pursues a partnership with the employer and encourages an open dialogue. This way, we can provide the best service to the employer, and most importantly, the best healthcare to the employee.

We have administrators with many years of experience with occupational health available to answer questions and ensure optimal service. Our staff is certified in the different modalities needed by employers to ensure the highest level of quality.
Medical Physicals

Give yourself a healthy future with our care center’s physicals. We understand how important your health is to you and those who depend on you. That is why we are here to help.

Lab Services

Our certified CLIA-waived lab that allows us to perform point-of-care testing such as flu, strep, mono, pregnancy, and urine tests. We have an in-house phlebotomist and we keep tight integrations with both SolstaS™ and LabCorp™, with daily pickups and stat pickups if necessary. This allows us to provide a full complement of blood testing from internationally recognized labs.

We feel that communication is critical to our patients. Communication empowers you to be your own advocate. That’s why we call all or our patients personally with positive or negative results. Upon request, we can also fax or email results via our HIPAA protected system.